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Hollywood Strongman In Love With Aussie Starlet

And Kay says: “He’s irresistible”

From Peter McDonald in Hollywood


Peter w/Kay ElliottMission: Impossible strongman Peter Lupus is on top of the world over a girl from Down Under!

And the feeling, Australian starlet Kay Elliott admitted as the pair posed together in an outsized pullover, was mutual.

“It was those broad shoulders and big biceps that made him irresistible to me,” shapely Kay, a Kim Novak look-alike, teased him.

“What first attracted her to me, I can’t remember,” Peter retorted, straight-faced.

“But it wasn’t her biceps, that I can say for sure!”

Peter and Kay, one of the stars of the American soap opera General Hospital (now being released overseas), have been dating ever since meeting soon after Peter’s marriage break-up earlier this year.

The couple insist there is nothing secret about their romance, but admit: “We’re not about to take out ads in the trade papers to announce it.”

“You’ll find us all over the place, we can set a cracking pace,” Peter said.

“I don’t like to be half-hearted about having fun, and one of the things I like about Kay is that she feels the same way.

"Kay’s a kook, but in a nice way.

"If you say ‘Let’s dance bare-foot’ she isn’t one of those girls who turn around and say, ‘I’d love to but might ladder my stockings.’”

Ironically, it wasn’t an episode of Mission: Impossible that Kay did earlier this year that played cupid to the pair, but one of a chain of coincidences.

The first was a scene Kay did with Peter Graves, who had previously starred in the Australian-produced Whiplash series.

This set the pair off reminiscing over Australian people and places.

“Peter and I could have talked briefly, but you know what it’s like on a set,” Kay said.

“Anyway, ages later I was over at the studio and dropped in to say hello to Peter Graves.

"Next thing he’s calling out, ‘Hey Pete, here’s just the person to talk to.

“Peter (Lupus) had been reading about the Australian film production and he had a real bee in his bonnet about it—he still does.

“We’d been talking about half an hour when Peter was called on to the set. He said ‘Let’s continue over dinner tonight.’

“I was surprised, but I wasn’t about to say no.

"On the show Peter is more action than words, but off it! He has the words and charm that leave a girl reeling. But I shouldn’t be telling him this.”

Exactly where their romance will lead them, both Kay and Peter refuse to speculate.

“It would serve no purpose,” Peter said firmly. “When I get my divorce…it becomes another year before it bcomes final.

Peter is a former beefcake king, having held titles ranging from Mr. International Health to Mr. Hercules, and is an expert stunt man and driver.

Peter’s venture into the worlds of beefcake and acting indirectly stems from youthful football ambitions. Underweight for gridiron, he began a body-building course.

Later, organizers of a new college drama club asked him to take a role in one of its productions in an attempt to dispel an aura of “sissyness” about acting.

“I played a strong-man king, and in one scene I had to stoop down and pick up a child,” Peter said. “people in the front row began to cry. ‘This is for me,’ I said to myself.”

When the 6ft. 4in. actor joined Mission: Impossible, however, he specially shed more than 30lb. off his peak competition weight of 250lb.

“My size then (I used to have a 53in. chest) would genuinely frighten people,” Peter said.

“On top of that I’ve discovered that the girls who watch a show like this like a guy to be physical, but not too much so.

“Nowadays, I work out two or three times a week just to keep in shape. But when I was at my peak I’d be in the gym two to three hours every day and put away six meals a day.”

At times, these qualifications inspire a blind faith.

No one consulted him when it was decided to have him shoulder a crated, 110lb. Eartha Kitt, a feat he somehow managed at the cost of badly bruised shoulders and thighs.

This faith, however, is fickle. Early in the series he expertly skidded a truck across a tarmac right on to the marker, only to see the camera crew run away in terror and disappear over the lip of the runway.

But Peter does not claim an unblemished driver’s record. “This day we were shooting downtown in Hollywood,” he said. “I guess we had an audience of a couple of hundred people.

“’You’re about to see one of the best drivers there is in action,’ Martin Landau told them as we climbed into this portable color studio, worth about a million and a half bucks, we’d borrowed from the network.

“I swung it into a tight U-turn and right into a parked car. Marty laughed all the way back to the studio where all the network officials were out chewing their fingernails.

“It was decided we’d have to reshoot the scene that afternoon.

“No one mentioned the damage, but suddenly all the network guys were concerned for me. They figured as I had been doing so much driving that I deserved a rest.”

Most men like Peter Lupus are presumed to have brains as small as their biceps are big, but, if it is true, he is certainly an exception.

Long ago he realized his Mission: Impossible popularity was exploitable in a business sense, just as he realized that many dreamed of being a body beautiful.

But Peter Lupus knew where most men developed. “I’m opening a chain of eateries,” he said. “How does this sound” Big Willie’s Hamburgers?”.


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