The Peter Lupus Shrine

Peter Lupus in 'Pulsebeat'21 years after making a big splash in Muscle Beach Party, Peter Lupus returned in a horrible aerobics movie called Pulsebeat, which was a dimestore version of the Jamie Lee Curtis/John Travolta vehicle Perfect.

Lots of sweaty bodies bouncing around in skimpy gym gear, leg warmers and enough hair mousse to stucco a ceiling, the film embodies everything that is now laughable about the '80s.

However, Mr. Lupus proved that he was still in excellent shape at age 53, even though his appearance basically amounts to a cameo. We do get to see about 30 seconds of him working out in the gym with a young prodigee.

Unfortunately, he doesn't peel for the camera, so we have to be content to see his big pecs busting out of a low scoop-neck tank top.

Also, the stache he's sporting here makes him resemble a sort of (much better-looking) Freddie Mercury on steroids.

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