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Peter Lupus magazines


Read some vintage articles/press about Peter culled from various old movie and TV magazines. More to be added as they are found.


Hollywood's Newest Bodybuilding Star - Mr. America March 1962

Strongman on "Mission" - TV Graphic 1966

Hollywood Strongman In Love With Aussie Starlet - Australian TV Week 1968

Workout With Peter Lupus - TV Guide 1968

Muscle Training Ilustrated Interview - July 1968

Brain Behind the Televised Brawn - Australian TV Week 1969

Peter Lupus Can Talk Too - Chicago Today Television 1969

The Quiet Giant of IMF - Chicago Daily TV News 1969 

Building Up Impossible Muscles - Detroit Free Press TV Channels 1969 

Why Peter Posed Naked - Photoplay (date unknown, circa 1974)



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