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The Bob Paris Page
Check out my Bob Paris page, featuring one of the hottest men to ever walk this planet!!


The Peter Lupus Shrine
Before Bob Paris, the '60s and '70s brought us Peter Lupus. Check out my site devoted to him above


The Arnold Tribute Page

Carl's Men On The Street

An awesome collection of candid shots from San Francisco street fairs, Pride festivals and the like featuring gorgeous, smooth, hairy, beefy, pumped muscular he-men! Don't forget the lube and Kleenex because there's literally hours of "enjoyment" here!!

Robin Hood's Muscle Men
Since 1995, the best place on the Web for muscle men! ALL shirtless, ALL real, ALL built to the max. Best part is, you can locate local guys and hook up for real if you want!!

Chest Man International
If you're into pecs and nipples, THIS is the place to be!! Thousands of hot Chest pics, plus live video chat, message boards, member profiles, fantasy art and more!!

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