Hot Men Of All Kinds

Click on the thumbnails to view some hot studs all-around. This gallery consists of a variety of hot TV/Movie stars, athletes and unknown muscle guys, some dating back to my early youth that made me get that funny feeling "down there".
Arnold Bob Paris Ken Norton Gil Gerard Vin Diesel
Fitness Model Wolf Larsen Thom Collins John Pruitt Fitness Model
Sly Stallone Burt Reynolds Jon-Erik Hexum Robert Urich Rock Hudson


In the Spotlight


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Guilty Pleasures

Whether we care to admit it or not, many of us have that ONE guy that we secretly think is hot, even if our friends would be grossed out if we told 'em who it was. Who's your guilty pleasure? C'mon and confess -- I wanna know who it is -- Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, Richard Hatch from Survivor, Gilligan?? OK -- maybe we won't go THAT far, but you can find out who mine is by clicking on the mystery photo below.

Who Is It?

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*all photos and magazines pictured on these pages are from my own personal collection except the Gil Gerard photo and screen capture--they are courtesy of Rebecca at the Gil Gerard/Buck Rogers site.

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