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Building Up 'Impossible' Muscles

The Impossible Missions Force (IMF) has always used more brain than brawn to carry out its assignments on "Mission Impossible," the CBS-TV action-suspense series.

Nearly all the muscle needed by the IMF came from Peter Lupus, a professional strongman. Now, writers are creating tougher villains, more action has been added and Peter Graves is required to use greater physical force.

Lupus, holder of several body-beautiful titles, has spent years in the gymnasium and serves as Graves' instructor at a Beverly Hills health club.

One of the beef-building devices is the weight lever (below). It works the trapezius muscles than run from the neck to the shoulder. Lupus also demonstrates the best technique for using hand barbells to build up biceps in the upper arm.

Graves doesn't need instruction for doing pushups. Both he and Lupus are good enough at this exercise that neither bothers to keep count. Lupus, at 6-feet-4 and 220 pounds, will continue as the strongman of IMF. But Graves, who is the leader of the group, is big enough to handle most badmen. He stands 6-feet-2 and weighs 190 pounds. That adds up to 12 1/2 feet and 410 pounds of force for the good guys.

*article from the Detroit Free Press TV Channels, Mar 23, 1969



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