The Rock Hudson Tribute Page


Hudson heads for deep water with buddy George Nader    

Rock Without a doubt this has been one of the most exciting and probably the most important year in Rock Hudson's life. First, of course, there was his marriage last November 9th, to lovely Phyllis Gates, the girl he was sure he had been waiting for all his life. They are a nice couple, the Hudsons. His career has reached a heady peak just now, too, with his tremendous role in Warners' "Giant" opposite Elizabeth Taylor, followed immediately by "Written on the Wind" with Lauren Bacall, and then "Battle Hymn," the tender story of Colonel Dean Hess and his Korean orphanage. Some thirty small, very real orphans were brought to this country to play themselves in the picture and, since Rock is always drawn to children and they to him, he found himself knee-deep in Oriental tots--and loving it. "I wanted to keep every one of them," he declared. Of course Rock and Phyllis hope for a family of their own in the not-too-distant future. They had made tentative plans for a trip to Europe this summer. Rock can hardly wait to show Phyl some of the exciting things he discovered on his own first trip there, especially the off-the-beaten-track spots which had special charm for him. But just now--well, Phyllis is still in the joyous throes of decorating their home, enjoying every minute of it, thrilling over every sample of wallpaper and swatch of drape material. One of her triumphs is an antique, hand-rubbed cherrywood cabinet she discovered to house Rock's cherished hi-fi set. It's fortunate that Phyllis enjoys music almost as much as Rock does--and now that he has the hi-fi, he doesn't feel it necessary to turn the thing up to top volume as he used to with his old phonograph. Rock enjoys any kind of music, "from rock-and-roll up to Bach and Brahms," as he puts it. Phyllis likes good musical comedy numbers and selections from the lighter operas, although she will hold still for nearly anything. No conflict there! The house is a charming cape cod affair, making use of beautiful wood in its construction and backed by tall pine trees which give it coolness and peace and fragrance. Phyllis doesn't yet quite share Rock's enthusiasm for digging in the good earth and planting all sorts of shrubs and bulbs. But she is beginning to see possibilities. They entertain almost as informally as Rock did when he was still a bachelor, with barbecues and buffets, but Phyllis has plans for more elaborate parties later on when their house is really finished. They haven't had time as yet to develop any mutual hobbies, although they both love to swim and Rock is good at water-skiing--good enough to have taught George Nader how to ski. George had just finished "Four Bright Girls" for U-I, when Rock showed him how to master the not-so-gentle art in one easy lesson. Quite a guy is Rock.

Teacher Rock and pupil George cast off for a ski session that's wild, woolly and wet!

ALL ABOARD. Rock and George load their skis for fast spin around the Salton Sea, an inland near Palm Springs.

George and Rock on skis

SKI SCHOOL is in session as Rock gives George some pointers on staying afloat.

LIGHT UP TIME for George and Rock precedes a fast-moving dunk in the drink.

CASUAL is the word for Rock's ski technique. George has caught on fast, is beginning to lool like a pro.

WIND-UP to the day's hectic ski activities will have Rock and George shooting each other in action. Roll 'em!