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Bob Paris Books

Bob in tank top
Besides being a former Mr. Universe, bodybuilding champion and gay/human rights activist, Bob still manages to find the time to author book after book, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Below you will find a listing and gallery of all of Bob's book covers, as well as the two photography books amazingly illustrating the beauty of the well-developed male physique, depicting Bob and Rod Jackson in various poses. Simply click on the "Buy It Now" button underneath each photo and you will automatically be directed to where you can instantly and safely purchase one of Bob's books online and have it shipped to your door within 2 or 3 days! By ordering through the links on this page you are enabling the webmaster to earn a few extra dollars to buy more magazines and photos to improve this Web Site!

Books by Bob Paris

Prime Prime Natural Fitness Natural Fitness
Generation Queer Generation Queer Gorilla Suit Gorilla Suit (softcover)
Gorilla Suit Gorilla Suit (hardcover) Straight From The Heart Straight From The Heart
Flawless Flawless Beyond Built Beyond Built

Photography Books
Duo Duo (by Herb Ritts) Bob & Rod Bob & Rod (by Tom Bianchi)

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